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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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let's look beyond the central market corridor and the neighborhood, the community that already lives here. if you go down to the project office, you will see the gateway to the tenderloin. we do not mean to merely decorate our city's main street. that would be superficial. we want to help change lives. [applause] we want to do what we do best by inventing truly interactive art. we want to work with the residents of the district, creating art made by and for the people. we will need volunteers in order to accomplish this.
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burners know exactly what i am talking about. we want you to pay attention to our website, the burning man private even may be sold out of tickets, but the project is destined to fill a much larger canvas. to participate in that, you will not need no stinking tickets. [applause] i already hear people referring to where we are as u.m. playa. [laughter] to repeat with the mayor has already said, welcome home. [cheers and applause]
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>> welcome to the entertainment commission for the city and county of san francisco. will the executive director please call the roll.
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if any of the commissioners have to leave, will not be able to act on the two items for permits. having said that, item number one is public comment. members of the public may address the commission on subjects that are within the jurisdiction of the commission. you may address the commission for up to three minutes. public comment? yes, sir. >> there was a great attendance
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and the police department and the industry representatives which is one more step which shows the communication. i i am really positive on the future of the hospitality in june -- industry. >> i get your comments. that is a stellar job. >> item number 80, review and approve the minutes of july 26th. the minister now ready for review. -- item number2.
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the minutes are now ready for review. >> i will try to be short about this. if you were at the summit today, you heard me talk about the permit. i brought this up to you a few times because this is had a long road to travel. we were pretty proud of it. at this point, legislation passed its first rate on the board of supervisors and you have a second read when they come back from recess in september. this more or less stayed intact. there were some their relatives in the neighborhoods. by and large, it pretty much stayed together.
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after the second read, we believe that the mayor will sign it really quickly and that the staff should be prepared to implement those permits right away. be prepared for some large and long agendas as those come forward into the fall and winter time. we will see quite a few of them. as the staff mentioned, we did have our summit. the news is a bit of a success. there was probably upwards of 100 participants and a few command staff and the chief did make an appearance.
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we will be looking at any way that we can improve it for next year. i am happy to take any questions from anyone who was there. there will be played back as well if you were not able to savor the whole thing. they did a life web cast. -- live web cast. staff was able to file properly and have a meeting last week. it was a great meeting, it was about an hour.
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we did cover a lot of topics and we talked about best practices that will come back to you soon. the limit of a live performance to make sure that they are there. the issue of parking lots comes up. a piece of legislation is moving out of the supervisor's office. we discussed broadway in particular, issues are around the towing continues for about five years and the possibility of the past taxis in. there was some discussion on ways to manage those issues, on broadway. we talked about the policy as well which is why i mention it at the summit and asked to go on
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record. i began the conversation around how we manage the space outside of nightclubs that is a shared space and they feel that they can handle this to a point and then their liability. we will continue to follow the discussion but the chief was great and open to coming up to specific guidelines. that was a great start. he is fairly easy to meet with and i expect to do that regularly. i wanted to mention something called city deck. the mayor's office is putting together a big database of the
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neighborhood merchants association. the up reach issues are to know exactly when an applicant comes forward, what to counsel them on in terms of outreach. if we had a good list or something to give them, have them identify their neighborhood organizations and when they will open. that would be the obvious way to do that. this is still being compiled. if you google it it will be founder something. if someone says north beach, we will find everyone.
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so, i wanted to let you know that we have a list here of who is on the list so far. it is not that long. if there is a way that you can help to spread the word for people that would jump online and get the city back and put their information in, there would be a better list for everyone. i will throw it over to -- to his back from vacation. >> we have the neighborhood organizations and also the merchant information to anyone who qualifies as a neighbor, we have had discussions here and the commercial entities are still neighbors. >> to that end, -- >> i had gone to the process with city planning to get
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building permits. they require you to get a notice and to get the organizations that requests it. they have a list of hundreds of them that you have to pay in a lot of money to do these mailings that probably just end up in the trash somewhere. i bring this up because it is beneficial to you and might be a list already in existence. >> the list that is compiled and available to us and anyone is out of date. that has been what we were using and it did not yield the results that we wanted. >> that is all i had. >> commissioners, having been out of town for the last two weeks, my report is basically
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nonexistent. what you will see in your binders is a list of some complaints that we are looking into and also you will see a list of incidents that have occurred going back to some of the earliest in july and you will see both in the categories incidence and in violence. we have had some assaults comparatively to past summers and in the past years. it is pretty good. we have done very well. we have not had any major incidences of violence. in the past, our summers have been notoriously bad. this year, we have gone away pretty good. if you would like to look at that list, if you have any questions there.
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thank you. >> is to any public comment on the executive director report. we will move right along. we move to the police department comments and questions. is there a joke that you want to tell me about? unfortunately, we will have to adjourn the meeting because of a lack of quorum to do any action items. is there somebody here? >> the owner requested a continuance.
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that is an agenda item. >> we cannot even vote on the continuance. >> ok. with the staff do me one favor and contacts loan and say if there application is missing all of the information requested on the application by the next meeting that i cannot afford. he will skip many items on this application. this is not acceptable. >> if i might request, i don't know if this is appropriate or not but given the fact that we have an additional permit on the agenda and i know that you cannot vote on anything. is there something that you can do? if you will not meet for this to arrive on another agenda.
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>> what is your staff recommendation on this? >> we should probably talk to them first before we tell you what the recommendation is. >> why did you bring it before the commission? >> the want to read the item? >> this is item five, a hearing and there will be possible action. this is regarding for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. this would be item b, dba cocomo, outdoor loudspeaker permit. >> it is standard for this to be handled by staff and not go to the commission. kelly we just process them by
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communicating with the police. this one is before the commission. usually we just process them. the proposed event is on august 28th this would have some doctor music. we have a list of some people of met with us in the past. they are consent. there as to be updated and we did that in advance. on our desk you have a . of some of the responses that we received. we receive them up until today. it might be worth taking a minute or two.
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you have concerns. the but condition that i have is the people of the permit if you can balance the approval with mitigating the concerns that they expressed in their e-mails mainly related to the sound base. that is the main gist of the complaints. >> i have a couple of questions in reading one person's e-mail, she says that the ambient db shall not be listed at 45. she has concluded that that would be 53. that is not correct necessarily. ambient is ambient for that
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area. unless they have information on what is ambient around kokomo, it might not be 45, it could be 55 or 65. then it might be much higher. unless she took a reading, she took a look at that. >> i've asked within the input relative to the permit. we do send all of these two permit officers. the applicant is here. maybe you want to hear about what that is and -- >> someone from the applicant forward.
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>> i am the general manager. this is the promoter for the event. we basically rented the space out for this party on august 28th. this will be a daytime event that will go into the evening. the daytime portion, the lineup for the day is that they will have like a tropical scene because we have a big outdoor patio. to have the music genre for this particular patio would peace also, and then a small band. -- to have the music genre for this particular petty would be -- patio would be salsa and a small band. there will be other long
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weekends. there are events that we do with a different promoter. this is a completely different event. we will report to this event. this is the first time we are trying to do this. it sounds like a perfect fit because we are loan for our -- we are known for our sean rush of music. this will be just a sound system alone. everyone is consulting the promoters. we made sure that it would be a small mobile dj set up. there will be two speakers. it will not be a subwoofer or any kind of big amplified sound system. this is a tropical feel for the patio. the inside of the club, it will be house music.
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this is for the outside portion. >> any questions? >> i was wondering, you said you're going to have a band? >> there will be deejays and a small ensembles. >> do you think that you need both a deejay and a ban the outside? let me ask because he is doing the event. >> we will start off with a deejay and then when the band comes in, this is the feature of that portion of the event. this is a small band and they will not have anything plugged into an empty. this is a guitar in a couple of drums. >> when i am looking through the complaints, a lot of it is about the base and a lot is about electronic amplified music. wouldn't it be great for the neighbors to not have to worry
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about amplified music and really have the stand be the outside music? >> there is a portion that will be the band. >> they will be plugged into something? >> yes. isn't that would usually causes the problems with the neighbors and the amplified sound? >> yes. these are made based on this other event that we usually do. those do have a much bigger sound system but this is town system and they bring them in from brazil and europe. this is like a certain quality of music that they expect. going forward, i will address that, when those come back up. this will be a much smaller scale as far as the speakers.
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we have talked about the conditions of having the outdoor sound permits. we should not be able to hear any of this music. we are confident that that will not happen. you should not be able to hear that sound. even with those that are really loud, it seems to be like a lot of the sound that is coming in is towards the later part of the event when there is much more people. we have a constant battle and we will have a sound engineer throughout the whole evening. this has always been the case. the deejays tend to get at the excited. they have control of the mixtures -- of the mixers. we don't expect that. >> that was one of my primary
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concerns when this promoter approached us. he has assured me that this is to fill in as far as music is concerned in the patio and this will not be a big sound system, this will be like a concert style. >> where did you meet this promoter? >> i of seeing his promoter before. i have not dealt with this directly, it came to us. >> you check them out and everything? >> as far as the general music, we are very particular right now after several incidences in the past. with everything that has been written, the owner of the building has mentioned that things have gotten better. right now, we are going through an lot of the concerns from the neighbors and this noise issue is the final issue.
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we have a really good rapport and -- i recognize some of the names. some of them i don't recognize as far as those who responded. we have constant communication between her and us. we have worked together pretty well. >> i have one question. when the event will move back inside, or is it over? >> this will move inside. >> when you move inside, will it be the full blown out space? >> it will be our regular sound system which we operate. >> you will make sure it is contained in the building. >> the reason why this particular permit was brought to the commission was on the last
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outdoor loudspeakers event which listed july 4th weekend, we had a lot of noise complaints. the loudspeaker permit went to 8:00. most of those were after the 8:00 mark. what i did this afternoon is that i went out and with a measuring device, i measured this from the borders, not the best and we might lose something here. it is to get an idea of where these people live. this is where the cafe is. that is where 250 feet will wind up. denise is here on the dock. that is where she lives. she is complaining about the
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noise about a block away. we can get some more noise complaints from the people that live on minnesota street. i don't think any ofi nothing te complained today about this matter. another complaint was from 601, minnesota. and then one man complains about the noise, and all of the violence. this is the apartment building off the map. i am neutral on this permit. the permit that we have is we go to the visit the noise problem. i know that denise is always very vocal about this, and always makes their concerns known. something is just


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